Does scrapping speed cameras save money?

The investigation into 'Do speed cameras save or cost money?' has been gathering some interesting information in the past few weeks.?

A blog post on 'Cycling around Hull' sums up the story so far: based on figures from the safety camera program "From 2000 to 2007 the average revenue [money made] was ?10 million/yr."

So why are councils scrapping the schemes? Because it's the Treasury that gets that revenue, not local authorities.?

"The safety camera program is funded centrally and receipts are passed back to government. Government has cut central funding by about 1/3 while still taking receipts leaving roughly a ?38 million hole."


"An interesting figure to note is the cost of personal injuries of prevented accidents, the?The national safety camera programme: four-year evaluation report?estimates this roughly amounts to ?258 million for 2003/4.

"To put things in perspective the same report claims total cost of road accidents (including property damage, police and insurance costs) in 2002 was ?17.8bn."

The investigation still needs to gather more information. If you want to help – or are just curious – join in at

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