One thought on “FOI ideas: the Ministry of Justice data that isn’t published – but could be?

  1. Gordan

    It would be interesting for others to look at the massive corporate monopoly that owns and sells you everything, look at Zurich Insurance Group previously its name was Zurich Financial Services the worst example of fraud collusion rigging prices and a lot worse, This company taken over by the US Government was the cause of the financial crisis.

    It needs others to investigate just how the public is being conned into believing they are obtaining competitive prices. Unfortunately this is not true any longer. It is now impossible to obtain a competitors quote because they all belong to the same chain or group with different names.

    Regardless of where you live the high street and trading estates and hotels and insurers and car dealerships rescue organisations AA RAC Greenflag tyre centres exaust centres and so on

    Visa corporation (Bank of America), these organisations are a monopoly owning allmost 98% of all credit debit cards etc. The bank name on the card is irrelevent BOA own the lot.

    It is the same for every trade, the plumbing trade has many business trading names but around 95% of all trading estates plumbing outlets are owned by one company


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