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3 things we've found out

How much does Birmingham Council spend on compensation for damage caused by speed bumps? ?23,219, it transpires. But we still don't know how much it spends on emergency repairs. Join if you want to help.

How much does Good Hope Hospital make from car parking? ?1.1 million in 2008/09, it seems. But here's the bigger question: why does it spend ?1.2million on maintenance??

1 investigation to try

Sarah Hartley's investigation into ‘How much council coverage is there in your local paper’ needs help – and it's very simple: choose a paper and count how much coverage there is. Sarah has written full instructions here. If you know anyone in a different area, please invite them to?the investigation.

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5 things that make a successful investigation is based on our experiences of the 4 months so far.

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