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Beth Ashton wins social media award

Former Help Me Investigate Education contributor Beth Ashton has won an award for her work in the social media team at Trinity Mirror.

Beth wrote for Help Me Investigate Education in 2013 about a ‘leak’ that she stumbled across while investigating care homes.

She now works as Social Media Editor for the Manchester Evening News. It was her work on the newspaper’s campaign to raise money for Manchester Dogs’ Home that led to the award.

Beth accepted the award at a ceremony on Monday, at the Trinity Mirror Editorial Conference in Birmingham.

When is a leak not a leak?

Over on Help Me Investigate Education Beth Ashton writes about her experiences of discovering what appeared to be a data leak by the education regulator Ofsted – and the ethical decisions which followed:

“In the end, this was a story about Ofted’s own rules not working retrospectively, or taking into account the permanence of the internet. Ofsted themselves did not seem concerned about the information being available online.”

Read the whole post here.