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VIDEO: Investigating local government – Paul Dale

For 35 years Paul Dale reported on Birmingham City Council for the local press. As this first interview for Help Me Investigate, he gives his tips on starting to investigate local government, and the importance of human contacts.

In this clip Paul talks about understanding the structure of local government:

Finally, Paul speaks about how investigating local government makes you particularly employable.

Do you have any tips on investigating local government?

Video: using the Data Protection and Freedom of Information Acts – Heather Brooke

Following the previous video of Heather Brooke on the Help Me Investigate blog, Heather provides further tips on using the Data Protection Act on Help Me Investigate: Health and Help Me Investigate: Welfare.

Her advice on investigating health, welfare and crime:

And on using the Data Protection Act:

VIDEO from the Danish investigative journalism conference

Although the website for the Danish investigative journalism conference is, understandably, in Danish, many of the videos from its recent conference are in English. 

Highlights include the MI5 spy turned whistleblower Annie Machon and Finnish journalist Paula Sallinen, who created a fake online identity to investigate paedophiles, but there are plenty more to explore. 

If you use the Chrome browser you can also turn on automatic translation for the text surrounding the videos.

VIDEO: Stephen Grey: tips on internet security for journalists

Stephen Grey is an investigative journalist best known recently for his reports from Afghanistan, but more widely for his investigation into the CIA’s rendition program, published in the book Ghost Plane. I caught up with him at the Global Investigative Journalism Conference in Kiev earlier this year and asked him about internet security.

VIDEO: The BBC’s Martin Rosenbaum’s tips on FOI requests

Martin Rosenbaum is the BBC's Freedom of Information expert. As well as using FOI to find stories himself, he helps journalists across the organisation use the FOI Act to access information on public bodies. You can see examples of his work on his BBC page, and find him on Twitter @rosenbaum6. In this video he gives some tips on writing FOI requests, including being specific about dates and knowing which organisation holds the information you're looking for.