Welfare issues in York: 7 organisations to follow

Fiona Parker and Neil Johnston, freelance journalists and final year students at York, have chosen seven key centres in the city to follow on welfare issues.

1. York Teaching Hospital

The teaching hospital in York has over 700 beds and is located fifteen minutes from the centre of the City.

The York Teaching Hospital Trust, the group which manages several hospitals including York’s caters for approximately 53,000 people.

The group’s communications Twitter account can be followed @YorkTeachingNHS. Also follow the area’s clinical commissioning group (CCG) – York Vale – @ValeofYorkCCG.

2. York Mind

York Mind is an independent local mental health charity which aims to empower individuals experiencing mental ill health to start on the pathway to recovery.

They were formed in 2011 through the merger of the two local mental health charities, York & District Mind and Our Celebration. The group can be followed on Twitter @TheYorkMind.

3. York Carers Centre

York Carers Centre is an independent body that helps unpaid carers in York find the support they need.

Those who care for the mentally or physically disabled, terminally ill and frail can seek support from the body.

The group also run regular events and can be followed on Twitter @yorkcarers.

4. The Retreat

The Retreat is a specialist mental health care provider, working with the NHS to provide care for people with complex and challenging needs.

There is a 28 bed unit within the building that provides neurobehavioural assessment and rehabilitation services for individuals with severe cognitive, physical and/or emotional problems following acquired brain injury.

The retreat can be followed @TheRetreatYork, the Chief Exec is @JennyMcAleese and the Director of Development is a frequent tweeter @david3012.

5. YUSU Welfare

York University has its own welfare position as a sabbatical officer role. The current Welfare Officer is George Offer and he can be followed @YUSU_Welfare.

The university’s welfare team frequently engage with events and campaigns in the local area.

The York St John equivalent leader is currently Amy Charlton. She can be contacted through the York St John Student Union website.

6. York CAB

York’s Citizen Advice Bureau aims to alleviate poverty, injustice and inequality within the community, whilst upholding values of equality and accessibility. They can be followed @cabyork and are frequent tweeters.

7. York Refugee Action

Refugee Action York (RAY) was founded in 2002 to challenge myths and misconceptions about refugees and asylum seekers and to raise awareness of the contribution refugees and asylum seekers make to our society.

They hold a weekly Sunday support session and offer various services including English classes. The group can be followed on Twitter @refactyork.

Are there other organisations in York that you think should be in this list? Let us know in the comments on @hmiwelfare