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The Work Capability Assessment – Audio recording

“Disingenuous” is a word I find I only use and use a lot when talking about the DWP.

The thought about audio-recording a WCA cropped up over a year ago and immediately gained the support of the illustrious Professor Harrington.  More recently, there has been a lot of upset due to confusion over how will it work, when will it be available etc. and it has been the source of several parliamentary questions from interested MPs to the equally illustrious the Rt Hon Chris Grayling, Minister for Employment. Continue reading The Work Capability Assessment – Audio recording

Why doesn’t the DWP collect data on the accuracy of decision making?

The Work Capability Assessment (WCA) is the test through which the Department of Work & Pensions (DWP) determines entitlement to Employment & Support Allowance (ESA). It was introduced in 2008 and has been the source of considerable controversy since.

DWP outsourced the expertise it thought it needed to perform WCAs from a private company, Atos Healthcare, who in turn have recruited large numbers of healthcare professions (HCPs) – a combination of doctors, nurses and physiotherapists.

Although Atos HCPs perform WCAs and make a fit-for-work (FFW) recommendation to DWP, its own team of Decision Makers (DMs) make the final ESA decision. There is an appeal procedure that ends up with the Tribunals Service (TS). Continue reading Why doesn’t the DWP collect data on the accuracy of decision making?

Links: The DWP Examinations forums and YouTube channel

Just thought I’d welcome visitors to this site coming from the DWPexaminations message boards. The boards feature a number of threads that may be of interest if you’re looking into Atos medical assessment centres and the stories of those who’ve been through them.

In addition there’s a YouTube channel aggregating videos from a message from Michael Moore to a Guardian film of a protest against Atos (embedded above).

If you know of any other communities discussing Atos or other welfare-related issues, please let us know.