Links: The DWP Examinations forums and YouTube channel

Just thought I’d welcome visitors to this site coming from the DWPexaminations message boards.┬áThe boards feature a number of threads that may be of interest if you’re looking into Atos medical assessment centres and the stories of those who’ve been through them.

In addition there’s a YouTube channel aggregating videos from a message from Michael Moore to a Guardian film of a protest against Atos (embedded above).

If you know of any other communities discussing Atos or other welfare-related issues, please let us know.


One thought on “Links: The DWP Examinations forums and YouTube channel”

  1. you should investigate the judges working for tribunal services, i am a victim of one act of outrageous suppression of facts and believe it may prove the existance of a selective conspiracy policy, by dwp atos tribunal services to reduce success at appeals.

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