Sanctions, jobseekers, and protecting personal information – link

If you’re trying to unpick the intricacies of what should happen in a Jobcentre, or what rights jobseekers have, Consent and Welfare to Work(fare) Programmes is a good place to start.

The site provides comprehensive guidance – with links to DWP and other government guidance documents – on a number of issues, particularly on withholding personal information from companies organising Welfare to Work programmes (including this template letter).

One of the more illustrative passages points out the distinction between refusal and not consenting:

Don’t say, “I refuse. . . .” Say,  “I do not consent to share my personal information because I do not want to give up my  Data Protection Act rights””

The site also details how sanctions should be handled and the rights of jobseekers.

And the blog is pretty good for ongoing updates too.

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