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4 unmissable graphs of the UK’s housing bubble

From the construction and housing booms to price changes and renting versus buying, Tom Davies presents 4 charts to explain what’s happened to housing.

1    Bursting point? Another housing bubble

  •  How unaffordable can it get?  House prices in the UK continue  to increase.

Median earnings only increased by 57% from 1996 to 2012, but house prices have gone up by 157%.

Though low interest rates have kept mortgage costs relatively affordable, house prices are now more than twice as expensive relative to earnings.

2 Rent or Buy?  The difference when ownership means wealth

  • Property matters

In comparison with other European countries, property prices are a significant proportion of the wealth held by British households. In England and Wales, 69% of people own property, whilst this trend is reversed in Germany. Continue reading 4 unmissable graphs of the UK’s housing bubble