Jobseekers’ complaints – how they should be handled by A4e, G4S and Ingeus {UPDATED}

Following the previous post on one A4e experience, Chris White points to a number of links on how complaints should be handled by various ‘workfare’ contractors. These are good starting points if you’re looking at what contractors actually do.

And here’s his advice:

“If you feel able to make a complaint, give as much detail as possible, time location, staff involved, witnesses, any documentation. Your provider will have a complaint procedure (A4e, Ingeus, and G4S below). Make a copy of any complaint you make. Give a copy to your Jobcentre Advisor and if you feel it appropriate give a copy to an Advocacy Project or Welfare Rights Office. If as a result of your complaint you feel as though you are being victimised or bullied consider contacting you local MP and advising them of the situation.

“If you are unhappy with any aspect of your complaint you can ask the Independent Case Examiner to look at your complaint.

UPDATE (from the comments): There’s also a page on “Complaining about your ‘workfare’ provider” on OPAW that outlines individuals’ rights.

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