Health regulator Monitor – get the data: organogram and staff pay

Orgnogram for health regulator Monitor

The health regulator Monitor has published data on its structure, including posts, pay scales, and an organogram (PDF) (shown above). The data is particularly useful if you are trying to trace responsibility within the organisation.

If you find the data useful, or need any further help, let us know!

Medical device regulation – an explainer

[UPDATE: The Independent adds some detail on the lack of data held the MHRA: “it did not have accurate data for the total number of implants inserted, making it impossible to calculate the true rupture rate.”]

Sarah Boseley provides some background to the PIP breast implants saga with a very informative piece on how implants and other medical devices are regulated.

The top angle is that these devices only require the same certification as toys, but there’s much more below that which is of particular use to anyone wanting to investigate medical devices or piggyback on the PIP story to look for similar problems. Continue reading