NHS Merseyside splashes £65K on re-recruiting for their CCGs

Cross-posted from CCG Latest News:

NHS Merseyside is spending £65,700 on re-recruiting personnel for four Clinical Commissioning Groups, a freedom of information request has revealed.

The four groups are:

  • Sefton CCG – approx. £23,200
  • Halton CCG – approx. £11,600
  • St Helens CCG – approx. £14,700
  • Knowsley CCG – approx. £16,200

CCGs are replacing PCTs in controlling how money is spent at local hospitals.

Many of those who worked for NHS Merseyside may find themselves working for a CCG – but this still comes at a cost.

If this was reflective of all CCGs across the country then the cost of re-recruitment to the tax payer would be over £3.5 million.