The leaked draft NHS reforms risk register

Health Bill Transition Risk Register NC 15 Oct 10 Dept Bd Version v1

A draft version of the risk register that was prepared – but not released – as part of the Health and Social Care Bill has been leaked and is available above.

The leaked document has been widely reported on, with The Guardian noting that it suggests “Emergencies in the NHS could be less well managed under the government’s controversial health reforms”.

Other risks it reports include:

• “Greater costs if new GP-led consortiums make greater use of the private sector. “One example of area where system could be more costly is if GP Consortia makes use of private sector organisations/staff which adds costs to the overall system.”

• “A danger that the new system is set up too quickly, threatening the running of the NHS.

• “A loss of financial control. “Financial control is lost due to the restructuring of budgets distributed between or allocated to organisations within the system [to be clarified],” it said.

• “Unfavourable media coverage. “Public reputation. There is a risk that the transition will be presented in a negative light via the media. Two of the biggest risks which have already surfaced in the media are i) that the reforms will continue to be characterised through the prism of privatisation and ii) financial cuts.”

The Telegraph says

“it lists 43 points ranging from fears for staff morale to problems with transferring responsibilities through workers who are also at risk.

“The document, dated September 2010, was handed to health writer and commentator Roy Lilley after repeated refusals by the Government to publish the register.”

Anything else you can find?