Referral to Treatment times (RTT) per PCT March to August 2011

Details taken from the Department of Health website:

The Referral To Treatment (RTT) data collections monitor the length of time from referral through to treatment.

Monthly RTT data has been published since March 2007. Initially data was only published for patients whose RTT pathways ended in admission for treatment. Since August 2007, monthly data has also been published for non-admitted patients (those whose RTT pathways ended for reasons other than admission for treatment) and for incomplete pathways (those still active at the end of the reporting month). Adjusted admitted RTT data has been published since March 2008 – this data set reports admitted patient RTT times allowing for clock pauses, in line with published RTT clock rules.

This map and datatable show the RTT stats and how PCT’s did seeing patients within the 18 week target. The yellow icons in the map indicate where a Trust has seen below 90% of patients in under 18 weeks.

Here’s a link to a datatable where you can query the data. What can you discover by looking at this data? Would you like more RTT data or have the same data in different formats?

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