Get the data: Freedom of Information contact details for every clinical commissioning group

Help Me Investigate has compiled a list of Freedom of Information emails for the new bodies overseeing local health spending in England.

The list was compiled for Health Service Journal by Tom Warren and Matt Burgess, and is reproduced here with permission.

A table showing the emails is embedded below. Some CCGs are sharing an FOI address where they may be using the same support team to process them. Others have retained the old FOI email from the primary care trust (the organisations which oversaw spending before clinical commissioning was introduced). Continue reading

Hello and goodbye – HMI Health gets new editors

My name is Alex Plough and for the past few months I’ve been working as the special projects editor of Help Me Investigate Health.

Regular readers will not recognise my name as I’ve been published little on the blog. But behind the scenes I have been picking apart the NHS reforms using Freedom of Information requests and collecting data for a comprehensive register of Clinical Commissioning Groups.

Unfortunately, due to a new job with a news agency I must now step down from this role.

I will be passing on my research to the fantastic group of up and coming investigative journalists behind CCGlatestnews. Continue reading