Mystery torchbearers – the pictures

Most of the hundreds of torchbearers who have no nomination story have no picture either. But the table below shows those who do.

Can you help identify them? Here’s how:

  • Hover over the image to see the torchbearer’s name – or click on it to see the page it is taken from.
  • Search for the name in an image search engine. If you find a match in Google Images, hover over the photo and click ‘Similar’ that appears below. It’s most likely the image from the official site – but this may pick up the image used elsewhere.
Anton Ashcroft Anton Ashcroft
Jean Pinci Jean Pinci
Aaron Lloyd Aaron Lloyd
Dennis Rigley Dennis Rigley
Larisa Lavrenyuk Larisa Lavrenyuk
Elias Drakopoulos – IDENTIFIED:
CTO of telecomms company OTE
Elias Drakopoulos
Hayley Lynch Hayley Lynch
Pete Latham Pete Latham
Davi Saadia Davi Saadia
Mark Adlestone – MD Beaverbrooks Mark Adlestone
Andrea Gamiz Andrea Gamiz
Gareth Hooks Gareth Hooks
Clare Childs Clare Childs
Hans Hammargren Hans Hammargren
Raimond Lindström Raimond Lindström
Matthew Finnie Matthew Finnie
Lee Macdonald Lee Macdonald
Michelle Armstrong Michelle Armstrong
Shanoor Choudhury Shanoor Choudhury
Wasfi Albarzanji Wasfi Albarzanji
Debbie Mcclean Debbie Mcclean
Mark Farr Mark Farr
Jiyoon Yeo Jiyoon Yeo
Wanda Hamidah Wanda Hamidah
Amanda Keogh Amanda Keogh
Min Ta Min Ta
Ika Trifisusanti Ika Trifisusanti
Mark Rainbow Mark Rainbow
Vegard Killingland Vegard Killingland
Ariadna Domens Ariadna Domens
Oidor Irigoyen Angulo Oidor Irigoyen Angulo
Nigel Howe: FOUND – picture is wrong.
Nigel is an ASDA employee.
Nigel Howe
Kate Marshall Kate Marshall
Jay Viswambharan Jay Viswambharan
John Ovis John Ovis
Zunaid Dinath Zunaid Dinath
Sue Shackleton Sue Shackleton
Eleanor Mitrovich – FOUND Eleanor Mitrovich
Maxim Cottem Maxim Cottem
Sophie Flanagan Sophie Flanagan
Hassan Mehdi Hassan Mehdi
Ifeyinwa Uzodinma Ifeyinwa Uzodinma
Frank Istace Frank Istace
Serigne Mboup Serigne Mboup
Frans Lecry Frans Lecry
Ezeigbo Damson Ezeigbo Damson
Adetokunbo Ojeikere Adetokunbo Ojeikere
Evans Wadongo Evans Wadongo
Ian Henry Ian Henry
Tom Ward Tom Ward
Nicholas Robinson Nicholas Robinson
Linda Sedgwick Linda Sedgwick
Yvonne Nash Yvonne Nash
Donghai Liu Donghai Liu
Heng Yang Zhou Heng Yang Zhou
Hong You Hong You
Shaowen Huang Shaowen Huang
Song Qiao Song Qiao
Kelly Ye Kelly Ye
Zhao Shuhao Zhao Shuhao
Simon Chen Simon Chen
Junzhou Wang Junzhou Wang
Lei Qiang Lei Qiang
Keren Goff Keren Goff
Keqiang Liu Keqiang Liu
Liushifu Liu Liushifu Liu
Tianbiao Ni Tianbiao Ni
Chai Wai Frankie Tang Chai Wai Frankie Tang
Sarah Farley Sarah Farley
Lance Haggith Lance  Haggith
Glyn Carter Glyn Carter
Rachel Gower Rachel Gower
Gerardo Torrado: FOUND – MEXICAN FOOTBALLER Gerardo Torrado
Salvador Cortés
Izzy Richards Izzy Richards
Clive Stone Clive Stone
Ian Rostance
Paul Griffiths Paul Griffiths
James Duthie James Duthie
Edith Daynes
Mark Ambersley Mark Ambersley
Sarah Barr Sarah Barr
Ranil Jayawardena – FOUND.
Councillor and Lloyds TSB manager
Ranil Jayawardena
Reece Best Reece Best
Balázs Várkonyi: FOUND. See spreadsheet. Balázs Várkonyi
Mohsen Roshan Mohsen Roshan
Matt Bifield Matt Bifield
Geoff Holt – FOUND:
Disability sports ambassador
Geoff Holt
Peter Dr. Fazekas – FOUND:
MD, Euronics, Hungary
Péter Dr. Fazekas
Aslan Khabliev: FOUND Aslan Khabliev
Xuerui Wang Xuerui Wang
Luda Khablieva: FOUND Luda Khablieva
Luke Jones Luke Jones
Andrew Le Seelleur Andrew Le Seelleur
Dirk Rombach: FOUND Dirk Rombach
Dirk Schofer: FOUND Dirk Schäfer
Ben Le Huray Ben Le Huray
Murat Yatkin Murat Yatkin
Michael Peuckert: FOUND Michael Peuckert
Helen William Helen William
Hubert Wolf: FOUND Hubert Wolf
Volker Mitlacher: FOUND Volker Mitlacher
Martin Wolf: FOUND Martin Wolf
Tristan Stephens Tristan Stephens
Mateusz Slodkowski Mateusz Slodkowski
Julia Lavington
Michal Goldas Michal Goldas
Marta Miller Marta Miller
Anna Skora Anna Skóra
Barbara Kukielska Barbara Kukielska
Marcin Banaszkiewicz Marcin Banaszkiewicz
Paulina Królak Paulina Królak
Kacper Bisanz Kacper Bisanz
Beata Pawlikowska – FOUND Beata Pawlikowska
Jinhui Zhou Jinhui Zhou
Amy Cresswell Amy Cresswell
Lang Lang Lang Lang Lang Lang
Jonathan Fraser Jonathan Fraser
Martin Sorrell
Rakesh Kumar Rakesh Kumar
Hans Carpels Hans Carpels
Thomas Gerwers: FOUND Thomas Gerwers
Jorge Goncalves – FOUND Jorge Goncalves
Kate Moross Kate Moross
Roy Martins – FOUND Roy Martins
Michael Kerman Michael Kerman
Barbara Kendall Barbara Kendall
Paul Eccleston – FOUND Paul Eccleston
Kim McLean
Beckie Scott Beckie Scott
Thomas Douffiagues Thomas Douffiagues
Jian Liu Jian Liu
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6 thoughts on “Mystery torchbearers – the pictures

  1. JOY EDKINS (59) West Parley, on behalf of The Late PETER COWLES (86) Lymington
    A tribute to our father, Peter Cowles (86) from Milford on Sea, Lymington, who sadly passed away 4th April 2012, just two weeks after being selected as one of the Olympic torch bearers for carrying the flame through HAMWORTHY near Poole on Friday 13th July.
    Shortly after his death, The Lymington Times published a front page article mentioning;
    As a long standing member of Milford Tennis & Squash Club, Peter typically told few people about his honour of being selected to participate in carrying the flame, however one of his close friends Jim Bays said “We have known each other for 14 years through the tennis club, playing tennis, fishing, social events and the occasional game of snooker together. He was a wonderful friend, a true gentleman, kind, generous and extremely hard working.”
    Peter was very excited about being selected as torch bearer and absolutely delighted and proud to have been chosen after being nominated by his grandson, Paul for Peter’s incredible fitness at his age and the fact that he continued to play sport regularly right up to the last couple of weeks prior to his death.
    Peter joined Milford Tennis and Squash Club shortly after he and his wife moved to Milford in 1985. He was a skilled and enthusiastic player and his hard work and dedication is credited with the small club becoming the successful venue it is today. Peter was just one of nature’s good people and even after his wife Vera died in 2001, he continued his work for the tennis club, particularly on the subcommittee formed to plan the rebuilding and refurbishing of the clubhouse following the disastrous fire on Boxing Day 2009. After 14 months of repair work, the club was officially opened by former Great Britain Davis Cup player Mark Cox, who played a celebratory doubles match partnered with club accountant John Richards against Peter Cowles and his partner Peter Blass.
    Just after Peter’s death, the club chairman, Ken Burbidge said “Peter was one of the most treasured members who was capable of anything and he spent hundreds of hours fixing and making things: cupboards, furniture, even the umpire chairs used at tournaments. He was a very talented man and I can’t tell you how much he will be missed. He was exceptional, loyal and respected.” He added that Peter’s selection as an Olympic torch bearer was a true indication of the sort of man he was.
    Peter is survived by his two daughters, Joy (59) and Ann (55), three grandsons, one granddaughter and great-granddaughter. His two daughters, family and friends are all very proud of his past achievements and miss him dearly, however the London Olympic 2012 celebrations are a fitting tribute to celebrate his life and upcoming birthday 25th July. Not forgotten and always loved. R.I.P.

    • Thank you very much for that. Sadly it does seem that quite a few torchbearers have passed away since being nominated.

    • Thanks – yes, on the spreadsheet she’d been confirmed by Rebecca Ratcliffe. Will update this post too.

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