Theme: Olympic games opening and closing ceremonies

The government doubled the budget of the Olympic games opening and closing ceremonies to £80million in December last year. The extra money comes from the £9.3billion Olympic public funding package to help the ceremonies to be more spectacular allowing for the great legacy to be viewed by the world of sport.

The opening ceremony is usually the heart of the Olympic games where countries try to represent their culture in a show that brings together all cultures under one roof. Minister for Sport and Olympics Hugh Robertson said,

“We have invested that £41million because it’s about the impression that people take away from this country.”

With the opening ceremony taking place in the 80,000 capacity Olympic Stadium, it underpins the legacy behind the stadium that is at the heart of London 2012 and all previous Olympic Games. Continue reading

Theme: Worker Rights, Unions and the Development of the Olympic Site

There are a number of existing reports regarding worker’s rights during the process of developing the Olympic sites. Some of these reports are below.

This might be something that also links to the Games Makers, the 70,000 strong voluntary forces who are essential for the running of the games. What does it mean for such a large workforce are asked to work for free?

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