2014 December

How unemployment sanctions are driving down the claimant count

Hundreds of thousands of sanction decisions last year have resulted in unemployed people being knocked off the claimant count. There were almost 320,000 decisions to stop a person’s Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA) benefit for “not actively seeking employment” in 2013. And in the first six months of 2014 a further 125,000 sanctions have been applied, according to the latest […]

Help Me Investigate is on ice (but I’ll still help you investigate)

I’m putting Help Me Investigate, my collaborative investigation project, on ice. This year has seen the launch of a number of impressive crowdfunded and crowdsourced projects on platforms including Beacon and Contributoria – plus OpenCorporates Missions and the enormously impressive Bellingcat. Their rise, for me, confirms that there is no longer a need for the original mission that Help […]

Former HMI Health editor named best new journalist of the year at British Journalism Awards

Former Help Me Investigate Health editor Tom Warren has been named best new journalist of the year at British Journalism Awards. Tom, who joined the Bureau of Investigative Journalism last year, won the award for stories on payday loan lenders, party political funding, and the flotation of shares in Royal Mail. Some of the data on payday lenders was collected by Help Me Investigate. […]

Beth Ashton wins social media award

Former Help Me Investigate Education contributor Beth Ashton has won an award for her work in the social media team at Trinity Mirror. Carol Vorders gave me an award! #canihaveavowelpleasecarol pic.twitter.com/aaXdHm32c5 — Beth Ashton (@BethAshton) December 1, 2014 Beth wrote for Help Me Investigate Education in 2013 about a ‘leak’ that she stumbled across while […]