Get up to speed with issues in nursing with The Independent’s series

The Independent has been running an in-depth series on the ‘crisis in nursing’, by Christina Patterson. It’s a useful read if you want to understand how the profession and the wider NHS have changed through the 20th and 21st centuries, … Continue reading

How influential are re-takes on today’s A-level students?

TweetLast week, it was announced that Michael Gove wanted Universities to have a big influence on the curricula of A-level exams. With Gove’s requests to Ofqual ringing in university’s ears, it’s key to look at some of the elements that … Continue reading

University Governance deconstructed… then constructed again…

TweetIf something has a Wikipedia entry that’s difficult to understand, it’s bound to be an intricate, complex, and rarely explained subject. University governance is one of those subjects. Rarely looked into, examined or explained, (outside of academia at least) the … Continue reading

The leaked draft NHS reforms risk register

Health Bill Transition Risk Register NC 15 Oct 10 Dept Bd Version v1 A draft version of the risk register that was prepared – but not released – as part of the Health and Social Care Bill has been leaked … Continue reading

The new health system visualised by the BBC

Here’s a useful ‘before and after’ illustration of the structure of the NHS now, and as it will look (as of April 2013) after the changes implemented by the Government. It helpfully illustrates the flow of money and accountability in … Continue reading

GP commissioning: the full data from False Economy

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Video: Doctor’s questions to Lansley during visit to Royal Free Hospital

The Green Benches blog about the video above showing Dr Ron Singer‘s questions to Andrew Lansley about the proposed health reforms, during his controversial visit to the Royal Free Hospital. Lansley doesn’t stop to answer. Singer is, according to the … Continue reading

Communities campaigning against welfare changes [The Void]

UPDATE (March 1 2012): I’ve collected any feeds available from the blogs below into this bundle which you can follow on Google Reader. The feeds are also aggregated on the new Help Me Investigate Welfare Facebook page. More from the excellent blog The Void: this time a hugely comprehensive list of various communities that have […]

Data: Newham Council’s spending

The Council has incurred costs relating to the Bidding stage of £103,980.20. All of these costs will be included in the Stadium Company costs, and will therefore be recouped by the Council. (whatdotheyknow) Here are some of the incurred costs … Continue reading

Tool: Self-Accredit with #media2012 to gain access to report on London 2012

Having trouble gaining access to accreditation to report on the London 2012 Olympic Games? You can self-accredition is now open with with #media2012, an independent newswire and social media centre for covering the Olympic Games. This follows the self-accreditation process … Continue reading