Christos Angelides

Stoke Sentinel on Help Me Investigate: “Collaboration is king”

This Is Staffordshire’s digital publisher David Elks has written about Help Me Investigate in the Stoke Sentinel’s ’DaviddotElks’ column following his involvement in our investigation into corporate torchbearers. He writes: “Collaboration is such an obvious idea because it allows people to focus … Continue reading

Daily Mail pick up our torchbearer photo story

The photo and story we published last week on the ‘torch kiss’ of two retail bosses has been picked up by the Daily Mail. The newspaper combines the story with one previously reported in This Is Staffordshire (but not credited): … Continue reading

Photo: the ‘torch kiss’ of two retail bosses

This appears to be the moment two retail executives exchanged an olympic ‘torch kiss’ on Wednesday as they carried the Olympic torch through Staffordshire. As revealed previously by Help Me Investigate Olympics, and now reported in The Independent, Daily Mail … Continue reading