Useful health links for December 19th to January 8th

Here are the health-related links that have caught our eyes between December 19th and January 8th: Thousands of Summary Care Records created without consent in NHS IT blunder | News Article | Pulse Today – Dr Paul Cundy, chair of … Continue reading

Just how many Olympic tickets went to the public?

Data tucked away in the Ticketing Report by London 2012 confirms that the UK public’s ability to buy tickets for more popular events was significantly restricted. The triathlon, track cycling, and ceremonies topped the table of events where low proportions of tickets … Continue reading

The story so far – a Telegraph guest post

The following is cross-posted from the Telegraph’s new Olympics data blog: How many stories can a set of data hold? When it comes to Olympic torchbearer data, after three weeks I’m still counting. From company bosses exchanging ‘torch kisses’ and … Continue reading