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    What solicitors are describing as the biggest POLICE CORRUPTION SCANDAL to hit Bristish Policing since WW2.



    Help PLEASE!

    NigelJune 25, 2012
  • I am looking for a journalist to write up and publish the story of the abuse my elderly mother is suffering at the hands of corrupt police officers and social workers.

    It has been the subject of questions in Parliament and we would now like to get the story in the main stream press.

    For more information, please see:


    And google:

    “The Abuse of Grandma B”

    Peter HofschröerJune 25, 2012
  • Dear sirs,
    I also believe that it is a good thing to investigate in the public in a (socalled), democratic society.

    How about raising the stakes and investigate situation like I find myself in. The unlawful deportastion of a British citizen: through unscrupulous means, set out by the UKBA and other agncies in a conspiracy to undermine a ‘ Ruling’, made by lord Justice Hooper, in the “Full Court”, of criminal appeal, on the 04 April, 2006

    Then you could really be recognised for being a real champion of Justice for the people.

    yours fathfully,

    C. A. Cross

    Carl CrossJune 30, 2012
  • Is Yellow Pages directory listing really worth the price anymore? I know the print directory barely gets used…just wondering if the online directory is worth the price tag

    Marcellus CucvasJuly 6, 2012
  • I made a Freedom of Information request to Harrogate Borough Council asking if HBC were republican as a columnist in the Harrogate Advertiser stated that they had notorious republican tendencies. I e-mailed my MP he said he had not seen the comment but he was not a republican. I e-mailed the leader of the council but he has not replied. So where do I get this information from? As it will affect mine and a number of other people in the way that we vote.
    Can you help?

    Anne SmithJuly 6, 2012
  • A Question how did the system work ,which typle of people where nominated to be a olympic torch bearer for you city ?

    Andrew DarnellJuly 26, 2012
    • There were a number of campaigns, but all people were supposed to fit the criteria of youth, personal best and/or contribution to the community. Guidance was given not to select executives.

      Within particular campaigns, more specific criteria applied – e.g. the Get Set Network torchbearers had to be 12 during the relay. Future Flames emphasised particular types of contributions by young people. Samsung and Lloyds TSB talked about community more. Live Positively had an emphasis on health and the environment.

      90% of places were supposed to be available to the public and 50% going to young people aged 12-24. In reality, only 75% were available through public campaigns and the rest were allocated through internal channels. Only 32% are aged under 25.

      paulbradshawJuly 26, 2012
  • I need to investigate how to make a complaint against a headmaster of a school and the governing body of the school.

    Who does a headmaster and governing body of a school answer to if they have made a decision about changing an employee’s contract without notifying or agreeing it with the employee first?

    SuchetAugust 23, 2012
    • This sounds like employment law rather than an issue of line management accountability. Or, put another way, they would be accountable through the law. Other avenues might include a teaching union.

      paulbradshawSeptember 5, 2012
  • Hi
    one member of BT engineers say I have a problem with my phone line another says I don`t
    people have been trying to contact me but without success this has been going on for 5-6 years I can not get any help with this

    kevinSeptember 29, 2012
  • I strongly believe those involved in ‘Information Operations’ in the UK are directing radiation at people. Beacuse it is invisible most of them have no idea there is something suspect. But the money they are spending on such technology runs to tens and tens of millions per annum. It is considered a form of Electronic Warfare.

    I am pursuing this through FOI here:

    I have a couple other FOIs for info relating to a couple of the relevant companies.

    I could really do with some investigative assistance. I couldn’t overstate the seriousness and scale of this.

    See the above website link and drop me a message through that if your willing to assist or have questions.

    D MackenzieDecember 23, 2012
  • Hello,

    I am writing to ask for your assistance in a matter that was bound by the Official Secrets Act that has been maliciously leaked to my former employer which has led to them terminating my contract of employment with them.

    Between 2007 and 2009 information was wrongfully and maliciously leaked to the catering company that supplies the catering for the British Army at Wellington Barracks in Victoria, and Horse Guards Parade in Whitehall, London.

    I asked the Army to kindly investigate this problem in line with their Equality and Diversity rules. The Army investigated it, but, refused to disclose the findings to me. This information was leaked to my last employer, and, a site manager within that employment chose to disclose it to the company’s client; a gigantic engineering firm

    The link to the information I have requested by way of the freedom of information is as follows: http://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/malicious_abuse_of_authority

    I would be most grateful for your assistance on this matter as I have lost a number of jobs because of it.


    Yinka Oyesanya.

    Yinka OyesanyaJanuary 3, 2013
  • Our Freeholder at Trafalgar Court in Mundesley has left the building in ruin since 1999— we now know why because Norfolk Council had, in fact, given London Land Securities 100%(costing around £250,000) council tax exemption on their 24 flats under the name of corporate closure — we have found out that London Land Securities of Tudor Road Hampton have been, in fact, running a Rachman style operation not just at Trafalgar Court but also Radipole Road in Fulham plus Daleham Gardens in Hampstead — can anyone tell me of any more scams with LLS? Youtube video belo


    PaulJanuary 28, 2013
    • Thanks – I’ll put the word out to the HMI network although I can’t guarantee anyone will follow this up. If you’re interested in writing a piece about how you found out that information that will help others get involved.

      paulbradshawFebruary 7, 2013
    • Hi I notice from companies house this company still has not closed and is still filing current accounts, they have a few other companies, maybe worth you looking. They have also swapped ” directors” by shuffeling their initials and becoming “new directors”
      I am investigating a similar ltd company scam the police actually told me they have ‘No Further Resorces’ to investigate fraud crimes at present,……?? Good luck with your investigation 🙂

      Amanda MarloweOctober 26, 2014
  • I’m not able to communicate well. but I am curious as to why the comments have stopped, is the site inactive now please?

    Graham HApril 19, 2013
  • oops – just noticed – I was reading it the wrong way.

    Graham HApril 19, 2013
  • Is anyone here able to organise an investigation into cowboy dentistry in the East coast of Scotland?

    I’ve worked ‘on the inside’ and have now left the profession as I am simply disgusted by what is going on. A high member of the primary care trust (also a practice owner) seems to condone/encourage the shockingly poor treatments.

    Any ideas?

    Anon AnonApril 23, 2013
    • Thanks – I’ve passed this onto the editor of HMI Health.

      paulbradshawMay 3, 2013
  • Is there a similar organization in the US? Children are being ripped from the arms of responsible parents here as well in huge numbers with massive rights violations.

    J MacIsaacMay 3, 2013
    • There’s Spot.us?

      paulbradshawMay 3, 2013
    • Just to ask ,Has anything come to light due to your enquiry? If possible could you share it with me or let me know where I can go for information please. As I’m wittnessing the same thing myself happening around me to so very deacent people. Where I live it seems councils are using and abusing tha Housing Law Acts, esecially ’96 one in perticular. Many thanx and very good luck to your missiom. Mish.

      mish keaneNovember 15, 2013
  • I am having terrible time with LA and the lies and deceptions. Is there someone who has experience such thing , please email me if they have.

    Shivani AmbaniMay 25, 2013
  • A really interesting interview with the Information Commissioner Christopher Graham on BBC morning news.. He made it clear that public authorities are routinely breaching FOI rules on the presumption of disclosure by wrongfully hiding behind Data Protection personal protection myths. If it wasnt in the public interest, you wouldnt be asking!

    Warren SlaterJune 21, 2013
  • could anybody please tell me weather i could get any info under the freedom of information act 2000,from either the english fa,or norfolk fa.
    as regards to contracts awarded to sportsguard insurance.
    as teams cannot register to play unless this insurance,as a club,and for individuals,is paid.
    claims are very hard to pursue during early events,and when completed are ridiculously treated with a one off offer of take it or leave it.
    these sums more often than not, are small and subject to excess,s,and if were offered outside of the fa would not be taken up.

    dec lawlorJune 28, 2013
  • Hi guys,

    I have been questioning the Home Office on What Do they Know since Jan 2013. I have submitted over 50 FOI request, to which they have responded to the last lot as “Vexatious” despite being VERY VALID.

    Their reason being “it relates to my wifes case”…

    The questions began to be refused when I started questioning the legallity of some of their actions, RE: finger printing without issuing the correct documentation first (IS86 / IS81) and a few other things… further more, I questioned the pay rates of Rob Whiteman, Sarah Rapson, and David Wood along with their job specs and previous job specs (all highly influential people) and this also got refused…

    Im wondering if somebody would like to help me here?

    Wayne PearsallJuly 26, 2013
  • Paul – Thanks you and congratulations for establishing this project. The new age of openness ought to be an exiting, revealing era with massive potential to right wrongs and influence institutions for the benefit of all. That promise however has not proved so easy to fulfill because of the many skills needed to obtain, extract, understand and report the wealth of data available. By connecting those with skills in different areas of this process in order to assemble teams proficient at executing the whole, projects such at this might at last lead to a revolution in information dissemination. Keep at it!

    DavePJuly 31, 2013
  • I am a victim of the Staffordshire Pindown child abuse and have been persecuted in the Secret Family Courts for a 7 year period by a group of corrupt lawyers and had a junk science theory called Parental Alienation Syndrome that was invented by a network of American paedophiles used on me. I was terrorised and made ill, and they tried to push me into committing suicide. I would like the Pindown cover up to be exposed by the press. The BBC did a program called Care Home Kid which did not invite the victims to take part, and sought to whitewash the whole sordid scandal. Today a detective from Stafford Police came to my house to get me to sign her notebook to say I wanted the investigation to stop, but I wrote a note asking Stafford Police to carry on investigating Pindown and in particular the role of politicians and the military secret services in covering it up and tormenting the victims.

    Barbara RichardsSeptember 13, 2013
  • I am interested in the abuses of Human Rights and breaches of legislation eg RIPA 2000. perpetrated
    by the DWP across the uk.

    in particular

    Criminal Damage
    Child Abuse.
    Breaches of Road a Traffic Acts
    misfeasance in Public Office.
    Police Corruption
    Use of Hundreds of social housing properties as surveillance houses uk wide.

    there are many other illegal practices carried out and I understand that by using similar surveillance equipment to that of the dwp. there is substantial evidence now in safe keeping across the uk sufficent
    for public enquiries and criminal convictions. Naturally the dwp are disquieted by this but sufficent numbers of people now gather such evidence and they are so poorly trained as to be unable to challenge
    some of their techniques:

    cars with missing wheel trims
    rear brake light or side light out
    one head light out
    Vauxhall insignias, grey, white, black.
    large range of vehicles incl HGV, fake trade vans

    roof bars
    roof boxes
    hi vis jackets or vests
    listening devices in gardens, garage door areas .
    tracking devices magnetically located at rear of vehicles.
    camera cars cameras fitted in grills, head rests and trim.
    white vans, silver mercedes Vito’s black windows.
    the wearing of black clothes, black gloves, umbrellas.
    delivery van and hire vans, Taxis, some driven by dwp worker, other transporting dwp spyies.

    the post manOctober 13, 2013
  • I am wanting some advice on the eviction of the dying in private nursing home, funded by continuing health care, public body. The reason because the family complained, I would like to know how to access information as i have heard their have been other’ notice to quit’ when families have complained. How could I access this under freedom of information please. Also accessing his rights under the mental health capacity act 2010 and Human rights. Any information will be very welcomed!
    Thank you.

    sarah thomasJanuary 25, 2014
  • Hi

    How can I make a family Law case public when it as been found ‘Proven’ by the Judge. Thank you.

    claire brettFebruary 6, 2014
    • I asked Cleland Thom, who knows more about this than I. He says:

      “the media CAN identify children in follow-ups to family proceedings cases

      BUT you cannot name the child/ children in connection with the court proceedings. This means you do the follow-up, but only refer to ‘a court case’ in passing, possibly quote the judge’s comments, but don’t mention anything else about it.

      AND – MOST IMPORTANT: Check if the court has ever passed an injunction on any children involved. If it has, this SUPERCEDES the advice above. So don’t run a follow-up story unless you have checked about injunctions first.

      paulbradshawFebruary 13, 2014
  • Look on the Bailli site, with the case No, possibly already Public
    Ours is 1997 July B(A Minor) Re(1997) EWCA Civ 2190 (25th July 1997)
    What this Case printed does not have a copy of Court Certificate printed (even if the name was just initials) RBM is the name of a child that has never EXISTED Is not the name of a child ever lived or Died

    Carol BirdMarch 31, 2014
  • Further to my posting above, the High Court of appeal, judges in their words Did us the family a favour, joined a split case together under the name of FALSE name initials RBM
    Redcar & Clevelan BC went on to use the second half of the split case (that was joined by the High Court under False name, Changed the name back to birth certified name of Child, RJB and went on to have my Grandson, Case mother only, Citing Mothers unreasonable behaviour
    Do we as a family (Grandparents, Father of RJB have any legal address to this illegal act by Redcar & Cleveland Social Services

    Carol BirdApril 1, 2014
  • Hi
    I can not go into a lot of detail on hear at the moment but if you can possibly give me a email or contact number I have details of something that is happening in North Yorkshire with both the police corruption and social care cover ups a tv channel is helping us and so news papers but we are looking now for a wider audience many thanks .

    Darren BlagboroJuly 16, 2014
  • What do you do when you complain to the police, about a police officer that attackers you, then they turns the story into a big lye, then gets other offices to lye and back him up, when they try to blame me for attacking them, goes to court, and the police lye so much to the point where the court threw them out as they didn’t believe the police, so when you complain,a police officer comes and takes a statement of me and puts things in the complaint that i clearly didn’t say , so when it goes to them to look at they favour the police, so when I appeal they say you that they believe the police , and it’s me that should of been done for it, even tho the courts didn’t believe the polices story, so when complain to ipcc they stick with what the other decision of the police made, ignoring all the evidence and still not been told how did I have bruises on my throat and a damaged back from where he put his hand round my neck reaching to the front with his hand strangling me presses hard anoth to leave bad bruising on throat where the juggler vain is, admits it in court then changing that on the complant that he never touch my throat, and lots more lyes all in black and white, and the ipcc stick by what police say, corruption surly there’s something can be with coving up all the time, where do you go when the ipcc willnt deal with it due to the complaint information given in a report that he change before sending the complaint and no one will listen to what your telling them as you don’t have money to fight the biggest gang in England ( the police) where and what can you do after complaint appeal was turn down and back the lying police coving up? Help please need justice

    JoanJuly 18, 2014
  • Hi Darren
    Just read your post dated this year July 16th
    If you get this Darren please email me I’m not sure if I can be of help to you regarding to the details of your context, but we as a family have been ripped apart due to the heartless actions of Children’s Services. I really need to talk with someone who believes where I’m coming from, and we can help one another and all who need support. Hope I get to talk with you. Thanks for reading

    JackieSeptember 5, 2014
  • Ive been personlly investigating Shropshires childrens homes and historical abuse for 10 years. West Mercia police and authoritys are making it very difficalt to obtain information and also placing authoritys in regards ti information about certain childrens establishments. My research now overwhelmingly proves the scope of the waterhouse inquiry should of been greater and that it was flawed in its investigations.
    Im finding it very difficalt to obtain information in regards to a childrens home called Milverton Court in Craven Arms Shropshire. I know its history from the 60s and 70s then from 84 to present day, it is called manor adventure now. I can not find who owned it or ran it from 1980 to 1984. I have traced many ex workers who was alleged abusers who have never been investigated who are still working with children. My objective is to bring about justice and irradicate operating paedophile rings that was and are still infiltrating the child care system, social sevices police and authoritys. Any help has to a way forward would be greatly appreciated or any help has to how i can find out what it was trading as and its ownership from 80 to 84 or in fact any info or help at all in regards to the above mentioned.

    joanne shawSeptember 10, 2014
  • Refering to my above posts dated 31 March/ April 01
    As a family litigants in person, we have issued a case for suing the LA for there illegal involvement in changing my grandsons name in Child Care Case, followed by illegal adoption case, but have been unable to name Causation in Law, to persue the case further
    The case has now been forwarded for judicial Review by a District judge Middlesbrough Court at the High Court London, permission has been applied for, we now await further instruction.
    Any help out there would be greatly appreciated, on keeping track on what is expected of us

    Carol BirdNovember 3, 2014
  • Help! An investigative journalist (I have facts and pictures and a witness) but need someone with clout to get the story in the national press. My local council (New Forest District) are bullying me over my purchase of a house that due to their neglect (corruption???) was guaranteed by Building Control as up to regulation standard. It is not just below standard, it is dangerous. [identity withheld] threatened me (I am a disabled OAP) that if I found any more faults (in the house which was at that stage one year old) he would ‘make me pay’. He has! I have sewer gas coming into my bedroom. No stench pipe to atmosphere as is required by national guidelines. My woodburner was lethal until Hetas were called in. But this apology for a man told me it was perfectly safe. NFDC are refusing to send anyone out from Public Health/Environmental Health. Problems with foundations (or lack of them) too. All my money is tied up in a house I can’t live in or sell. I can’t even cut my losses and sell cheap because the house has a Code 3 – without a Code 3 Certificate. This is completely the fault of Planning at NFDC. But complaining is like hitting head up brick wall. MP is not interested he plays golf with Head of Planning! If anyone can help please do. I’ve tried every possible avenue. Even wrote to a few papers but no response. NHBC Warranty not worth the paper it is written on! And workmen scared of getting involved (due to NFDC).

    Christina JubbDecember 6, 2014
  • When is it Legal for a detective in Teesside. Police force to handle the only sample of blood that convicted his defendant for a safe conviction. Without CCTV or Witnesses. https://m.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=197588960402203&id=100004533006465&set=a.103843543110079.8511.100004533006465&refid=17&_ft_&__tn__=E. No cctv. Detective held blood. https://m.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=197588930402206&id=100004533006465&set=a.103843543110079.8511.100004533006465&refid=52.

    neilscottDecember 25, 2014
  • I’m looking for publicity in my case of falsified forensics evidence by Detectives at. #Teesside. Cleveland Police forceafter 23 false arrests were lost at court to prove the guilt of cleveland Police officers they Abused the CRB disclosure system,then reporting me to DVLA for being Psychotic after 5 years since the burglary couurt case deemed me mental Wrongly to stop allegations against cleveland Police officers failed to previously take away my bus licence through DVLA.

    neil ScottJanuary 6, 2015

    Tom.February 27, 2015
  • i would love to publish my findings on the historical child abuse case i have been working on in the west midlands plus the mistreatment of walsall foster children which is happening right know and walsall councils doing more than faillings and i have all on my cases i am working on i would love to become a journalist because i too have been through child abuse and domestic abuse

    clare wakemanMarch 1, 2015
  • I’m returning a comment I read from one of your team I’m not able to say much at the moment via email so a contact number would be helpful . Many Thanks.

    darren blagboroOctober 11, 2015
  • It happens in the UK.
    It happened to me.

    TEESSIDE UK.MIDDLESBROUGH UK.police FORENSICS FRAUDS links one man to grandsons against him.

    They tried 24times.
    Failed 23 times.
    One conviction after 24 th attempt.
    Three attempts on his life in cells.
    Tried to Discredit him after the one case of his first conviction in 48 years.
    No previous convictions.
    No previous cautions.
    No previous medical abnormalities.
    No medication for any ailments.
    No previous Psychologists reports.
    Covering up POLICE.
    Falsified FORENSICS.

    Teesside. Cleveland Police Forensics Fruad.

    This is the case history of a man persecuted by the law.after 23 failed attempts to secure any convictions in 24 cases they finally break the law to suite themselves for statistics.
    For your Ref,
    The case of Neil Anthony Scott.
    Frm 1995 to 2015.

    Arrested for breach of peace to court appearance for ASSAULTING A CLEVELAND POLICE OFFICER.RAY MALLONS LITTLE BOYS AT WORK.


    24 False Arrests.
    23 Previous Arrests Failed to Convict me of any Crimes.
    One Conviction in 49 years.
    Three attempts on my life.
    All 24 Arrest Data was Given to my Employers Without Evidence of a Crime Comitted by Me.
    Before that Burglary trial Erimus Housing had “concern” marker against me as well as seven eviction attempts.
    Erimus attempts to Evict me previously and before a Criminal Conviction for Burglary that was wrongly categorised by the cps.
    DC CRAWFORD was the only Erimus housing witness in an Attempt to Evict me.
    Landlord made £160,000 False Damage Claims with the hflp of DC Crawford for three burglaries at the same address whilst i was on house arrest, G4S RELIANCE TAG.
    Detective crawford arrested me three times for burglary whilst on house arrest for seven months ordered by a judge who knew that and didnt say anything when i attended court for the crimes.
    Interviewed by pshychologist for court in waiting room of my solicitors.
    Court Pshychologist stated pshychosis.
    Three Judges stated pshychotic.
    DVLA was informed by someone.
    DVLA took my licence based on a burglary trial.
    Erimus took civil legal action before any conviction announcement from courts presumed guilty before guilt was announced by the court.
    Legal aid stops before my Appeal case.
    Refused appeal.
    Dc crawford witnesses G4S at Cleveland police farce are employed by criminal MP Theresa May.
    No stolen items found linking me.
    A criminal damage case wrongly categorised as burglary.
    The arresting constable held the only forensics evidence used to convict me.BLOOD.
    After blood was taken from me on the day of my arrest.
    Denied by g4s staff.
    Evidence supporting blood was taken from me.
    More support that my blood was never at a crime.
    Dc was unqualified to handle forensics evidence so they made him a detective.unqualified.
    Dc was a PC.
    Promotion is a motive to lie at court.
    No Photos to support blood at any crime scene.
    Evidence of red paint similar to blood.
    Forensics handled by one person at station without witnesses,CCTV.
    Contradictory evidence with testimonies of all witnesses.
    False testimony of pshychologists report for court.
    Judges and cps received all false testimonies linking them to a police cover up.
    Forensics not covered by police station CCTV.
    Forensics unsafe.
    Dc crawford with kellam chaytor didnt take my trainers from my house at the time of my arrest whilst witnessed.
    Samba trainers mishandled by officer on his own.
    Two blood samples went missing in transit.
    Witness testimony that three samples were not packed together,safe in transit,safely secured with hq ladgate lane and middlehaven station ie the statement of dc crawford.at the same time of day.
    Officers searched Wrong address stated as a clerical error.
    Crime scene contamination.
    Two or one misconduct officer in search details.
    No Dna found linking me to a crime.
    No fingerprints found linking me to a crime.
    No tools or marks linked me to a crime.
    No saliva found at crime linking me to a crime.
    I Had NO CUTS linking me to a crime.
    No photos of cuts to me causing DRIPPED blood on any radiator given to court.
    WATER Contamination to whole house and radiator dripped blood evidence at the bottom of stairs.
    All blood samples were said to have been found above the water contamination level.
    No other police officer adds testimony to coroberate arresting officers testimony he collected,handled,sent forensics at any time.
    Dc concludes cps witnesses lied at court.
    Witnesses conclude dc lied at court.
    No doctor took blood no cctv.stated cctv was active.
    No doctors took blood from me.
    G4S forced a blood sample from me.
    G4s took my blood.No Cctv exsists.
    No photos to coroberate forensics found any blood given to court,lots of paint tho.
    Detective had opportunity to place any trainers in paint,on his own.
    Detective had opportunity and Motive to alter forensics blood evidence.
    NO Samba trainer paint footstep photos given to court.
    Samba trainer footprints outside my home leading away from my property.
    Alibi that dc pc handled, altered, falsified,forensics evidence.
    Doctors agree with burglary trial crown court judges decision.
    Dwp agrees with Appeal judges decision.
    Doctor tries to remove decision of three Appeal judges.
    Doctor sighns sicknotes for 6years.
    DWP stops benefits against three judges decision.
    Doctor sighns medical for DVLA fitness to drive.
    DWP reinstates benefits.
    Doctor realises what he did on the medical,has me a registered a Violent person for asking him for a sicknote.with no evidence of any violent crime or mental instability.
    Dwp pays for judges diagnosis for 6years.to date.
    No jail was given to me.
    No 200 hrs community service was given to me.
    Evening gazette abused position in writing my case publically.
    Three samples of Blood were said to have linked me to a crime yet no persons blood type details was given at court as evidence.2009.
    James Cook hospital refuses a mental patient reguarded as violent any medical treatment.2015.


    Socialmedia Cleveland.


     —  at Middlesbrough

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    Comment as Teesside. Cleveland Police Forensics Fruad…

    Help police investigate a crime

    neil scottDecember 14, 2015
  • How dou you explain how top teesside judges uk refused to jail a man who’s been arrested 24 times. That’s One Arrest per year over a 24 year period without serving a jail sentence. When do you perceive it to be a witness.a victim persecuted by Cleveland police officers Middlesbrough. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=939424296147138&id=757476384341931&notif_t=like&ref=bookmarks

    neil scottJanuary 3, 2016