25 Twitter accounts to follow in 2014 on welfare reform – numbers 11-25

We’ve compiled a list of 25 useful Twitter accounts if you want to follow welfare reform. Yesterday we revealed the first 10 – here are the other 15… Follow them all – and over 40 others – as a list here. 11.Samuel Miller @Hephaestus7 Disability specialist Samuel Miller is taking the government to court in The […]

15 York Twitter accounts to follow in 2014 on mental health and joblessness

Neil Johnston and Fiona Parker, freelance journalists and final year students in York, have put together a list of Twitter accounts to follow for anyone interested in welfare issues in the area. You can also follow the list here. 1. david3012 @david3012 Director of Development at @TheRetreatYork , sci-fi geek, motorhome owner and lover of […]

Useful links to Sept 16th: reassess mental illness; axe bedroom tax; the new poor; CPAG update

These are some welfare links we found interesting during the second week of September. What were Ian Duncan Smith’s ‘welfare reforms’ really about?. Guardian, Sue Marsh, spokeswoman and author of Diary of a Benefit Scrounger says the reforms are frightening the most vulnerable. Hard evidence: are migrants draining the welfare system?. The Conversation. The evidence […]

Useful links to August 30th: living costs crisis; intern death; DWP zero hours; modern workers

These are some welfare links we found interesting during the second two weeks of August. Food bank Britain: life below the line: Guardian. The Trussell Trust opens three new food banks a week, finding not only those facing benefit cuts … Continue reading

Useful links for July: Universal credits; food banks; austerity blogs

These are the welfare links we have been looking at in July and with May and June’s round-up recently covered, they are now almost up to date. Keep your fingers on the keyboard to let us know if and how … Continue reading

Useful links for June: bedroom tax; zero hour contracts; food poverty.

There are three round-up pieces over a few days, of news and data source items on welfare related issues. They are to bridge the gap of the last few months before these news stops become a regular post. Keep your … Continue reading

Useful links for May: child poverty; risk of night shelter closure; food banks struggle to cope

Here and over the next couple of days is a round-up of news items and data sources, bridging the gap of the last few months on welfare related issues. This will become a regular post. Keep your fingers on the … Continue reading

Illegal use of B&Bs to house homeless families – how to investigate your local figures (and learn some useful data techniques too)

The Guardian’s Randeep Ramesh reports today on the use of bed and breakfasts to house families beyond the legal time limit of six weeks. The national picture is that half of the 242 authorities who responded had placed homeless families in private … Continue reading

Welfare-related links for June 20th through August 20th

These are the welfare-related links we’ve been looking at between June 20th and August 20th: DCLG: Evidence review of the costs of homelessness – This paper is intended to provide an initial overview of evidence held by government and other organisations, including that already published, of the magnitude of financial costs to government from homelessness. […]